Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Art Journal

The other day I got a mass email from Donna Downey (my hero - her blog link is on the right) stating that she was coming to San Antonio for some classes. Man, I was on that phone so damn fast paying my fee because this woman truly rocks my world! I wish so bad I could think like her - be as 'free' with my attitude as she is. I really love her 'f%ck it - it is what it is and it will be what it'll be' attitude! I can't wait until Sept 28 when maybe she'll bump me accidentally and some of it will transfer over, lol. (I so wish she was teaching her Big 40 class though! I wonder if she'd do a private class, lol)

So anyway, I also spent hours that day/night watching a bunch of her inspiration videos. She truly did inspire me to start an art journal so I talked on the phone with Valerie (my DT coordinator at C'est Magnifique Kits) to really get some good info on how to start.

(and I do remember I started one a couple of years ago, but I think that was when Kevin's head plate got MRSA and he was inpatient at Brooke Army Med Center for months again. My how far he has come since being hit by a suicide bomber 4 years ago!)

Man...I get so off track sometimes, lol

So anyway, I ran out and got a journal and I found a beautiful cherry blossoms stencil and came home and got right down to business.

Here's what I came up with. I know it's simple, I expect that with my first, but I am still pleased with it:

Here are the steps taken to create this page:

I cut some foil and crinkled it slightly. I then applied it to the page with gel medium (I saw this done on Donna Downey's blog) and covered it with gesso. Notice how it didn't quite fit the page? It was SO HARD for me to still use it because I am one of those perfectionist types, lol. BUT - I just forced myself thinking that was what Donna would do!!

Next I sprayed it with Patina and Vintage Pink Glimmer Mist and also Dark Chocolate Truffle Lindy's Starburst. I also dripped some of the Patina into the pink giving it a more subtle splattered effect.

After this I used a cherry blossom stencil and sprayed just a small part of it in the top and bottom using Burnt Umber Moon Shadow Mist from Lindy's.

After it dried, I took some of the En Francais Prima alphabet and started my title, enlarging the word LIFE with a really old Scenic Route alphabet.

I also added some tiny little ribbon flowers and then splattered the whole thing with Mr Huey's Opaque White (yep, Valerie - I found it!!).

To finish off I first touched up the Prima Resin Bird with black ink, but it was too dark so I then covered that with some of the brown. I think the brown just toned down the black a bit and I like the more natural effect.

So that's it! How fun this was and I am working on pages 2 and 3 next! I got a start last night, but had my grandson here all day so I didn't get to play any. Hopefully tomorrow.

A huge thank you to Donna! I can't wait to see you create!! (and Beverly from my DT is coming from Florida to go with me - we are planning on staying in the hotel even though I only live like 10 minutes from there!!) Wooohooo!!


  1. Wow Leslie, Very beautiful! I love everything about it. Thanks for sharing the how-to!

  2. oh my Leslie...this turned out beautifully! Love your choice of colors!! Ingrid xxx

  3. I loooooooooooooooooove this so much!!