Sunday, March 4, 2012

March C'est Magnifique Kit Layouts

I am so far behind in posting, but finally have the time to sit down and upload my March layouts. Gosh, I love Pion Designs! I wish I had more time to scrap, but as business grows it gets harder and harder. Not to mention we are still traveling for Kevin and his needs.

So anyway, here they are: This first is my adorable grandson, Christian. I keep joking that he is going to get a complex as all his layouts lately have tons of flowers on them, lol.

This one is my daughter at the Tea Gardens in San Antonio. It was such a beautiful day and my whole family had a great time.

And this last one is my daughter at the Riverwalk in SA. I was so disappointed when I got these photos in the mail and they were all so dark. I used it anyway, but I probably shouldn't have.