Friday, April 15, 2011

Another of Christian

I finally pulled out the Mama Razzi papers and used another photo of Christian. I remember reading about a friend from ScrapMuse, Kim Sonksen (blog link on right), that is determined to use her stash. She creates kits out of what she has and tries to use it all up. I think that is a most excellent idea and am utilizing her idea to the fullest.

Since I owned an ScrapMuse (online kit club) for years - until it got too big for me to maintain by myself - I have TONS of stuff! Now I admit that most of what I have is still packed, but still...I have enough to create a dent in it.

So here is another layout of my sweet grandson:

Some of you may remember seeing those copper stick pins from Nunn Design. Is she still in business? I just loved all of her metals!

Anyway, gotta run. Kevin's here and we are heading to the theater to see "Charlie Brown" tonight. Yay!!

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