Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's been so long since I scrapped.

We have hit a real rough spot in our household lately so scrapping really hasn't been on my list of things to do.

But last night - I was determined. I somehow managed to get 3 1/2 layouts done too! So here they are:

These are all Swirlydoos inspired. The first two are using the new kit "Mon Amour". Wow - I love this one just as much as I loved "Antebellum Beauty"!

I am just loving the red, black and cream. Oh and the glitter too, lol!

So the first one is Kevin giving us attitude while at the Tower of Americas in San Antonio last fall. He really is such a ham! I was so happy to use the harlequin stamp that I had in one of the very first ScrapMuse kits way back in the day because I had never used it before. I didn't scrap pretty much the whole three years I was building ScrapMuse as it was really just a whole lotta work. Fun though!

I also took one of the Dusty Attic corners and used red stickles to give it the same glitter effect that is already on the papers. I love how that turned out!

And this is a photo of Breezy I had already scrapped a while ago, but it really was just perfect for these papers so I had to do it again. I just love the red and brown combination and those bloomers are TDF!

This photo of me was also scrapped before, but when I went home to FL I grabbed a bunch of photos and most of the ones I grabbed are duplicates of the ones I already scrapped. So we may see more of the same, at least until I can get more printed.

I am really anxious to finish the other layout I started last night as it is nothing I have ever tried to do before. It is totally Finniabair inspired as her style totally rocks! Hopefully it works out and you get to see it tomorrow!

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